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Since 2009, I have been developing a vision of art unique to my experience. Some call it impressionism, abstract art, surreal or composite art. However, it all fits into the genre of digital art. All my images are photo based, most taken by me, but some taken by friends or relatives, or are from the public domain. I will often combine images to achieve the vision I am striving for at that moment. This website is my platform for displaying my art. If interested, I also have digital art for sale in my shop.

I have three galleries: Eclectic Gallery, MyAbstractGalleryIThink Gallery, and Colorado & the West Gallery. Each gallery is unique and filled with wonderful takes on the world we live in. I hope you will take the time to view my images and comment if moved to do so.

You will find that some of my art deals with serious subjects, such as the holocaust (Memorium), the devastation of nuclear war (Two Trees and August 1945), or the value of life on our present earth (New World Order).

Colorado & the West Gallery is exactly how it sounds. It takes a surreal look at the western United States, with art that is full of motion and color.

MyAbstractGalleryIThink Gallery is other worldly. Images such as Skyline, the Mist in the Trees, and Anasazi Doorway are indicative of the work that populates this room.

Eclectic Gallery picks up images that are no quite abstract art, more in the vein of impressionism. Here you will find my ‘Monet,’ Deep Tall Woods, which is one of my earliest pieces. Other pieces, including A Pirates Life and Starry Night takes us to other worlds and situations.

I also have several ‘fun’ things in my website: Quotes from Sherlock Holmes on his methods for solving crime; Quotes from Thomas Merton’s ‘No Man is an Island,’ which speaks to our relationship with God and with each other, and; Poetry, which I wish to share with the world.

I hope you will enjoy your time with my website, and perhaps our paths will cross at an art fair somewhere in Colorado!

Matt Jackson

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