Digital Artist Matt Jackson and his Art

My art is born of depression.

Prior to 2009, I was consumed by my job to the exclusion of my family and the truth of who I was meant to be. I was extremely successful in what I “accomplished.”

In 2009, as the pressures and excesses mounted, I was toppled and descended into a profound depression. I was out of work for two months. When I returned I was eventually transferred into a less stressful, less prominent position. Some would call it failure.

As I recovered, I found solace through Photo Shop. I began making pictures and eventually reclaimed my life through art. The images I create speak to the person who was hidden for all those years. I am liberated from the mundane world I once dominated.

Now, at age 63, I show my work in Denver and in mountain art fairs throughout Colorado. People are excited by my images, and I consider myself moderately successful.

My art is full of motion and bright with color. All of my finished images are photo based and I use PS CS6 to create my art. Many of my pictures use multiple photos to achieve the desired outcome,  These are called ‘composite’ images. I do not claim to follow a particular genre, though I believe a common strain runs through my work. I have many limited editions of 100 or less, though some of my older pieces are not bound by those restrictions.

I believe my work appears best when infused on a sheet of aluminum. This is how I present much of my work at art shows. I also sell 14 x 11 and 8 x 10 matted images.

I am retired now and actively supported in my artistic endeavors by my spouse of 40 years and my children. I don’t know what the future has in store for me. I do know that this journey is not over, and it includes my family and the truth of who I am today.

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